Hyatt Regency O Scale Kings

Home Layout Visits

Layout visits are the highlight of OSW for many attendees.

There will be over 30, the exact number varies from year to year, layouts open for visiting. Some layouts were HO, and were included because the layout is exceptional and the layout and owner are nationally known. Of course, with the inclusion of S scale, some layouts were S scale. However, the majority of layouts, are O scale.

There are private layouts and club layouts. Some layouts are local to Santa Clara, while some are several hours drive away.

Layouts are open for visiting immediately before, during, and after the meet. Some of them are several hour's drive from the meet location and are open only Sunday after the meet. Advance information that lacks street addresses but is sufficient for planning your layout visiting will be posted to this web page (see below) sometime during January.

We recommend a GPS system for saving time in finding layouts, particularily at night. And of course, if you fly or take the train or bus to the meet, you will either need a car or have to find someone who can take riders (and you are then beholden to go where they want to go which may not match your interests).

Effective immediately there will no longer be maps available for these layout tours. You will be on your own with only the listing of the address which we will provide you. Bring your GPS tracking system to help you find your way to them.


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