Hyatt Regency O Scale Kings

The Company Store

The company store is located immediately to your right as you enter the ballroom. In addition to sales of the meet car and other meet-related items, the company store runs two popular activities.

White Elephant Table

Got one or two items you'd like to sell but don't want to rent a table? Use the white elephant tables! For a very modest fixed fee, you can put your item(s) on the white elephant tables in the company store for sale at a price you determine. If your items sell, the company store collects from the seller and pays you your price minus the table fee.

Silent Auction

An alternative to the white elephant tables is to put your item in the silent auction. People bid on items in the auction up to the specified auction close time, and the highest bidder wins. Bids are written on the bid sheet which is public. The action gets hot and heavy as the auction close time approaches; the Company Store provides plenty of warning via the PA system as auctions approach closing. A fee is deducted from the auction proceeds when they are given to the seller.


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