Hyatt Regency O Scale Kings

If You Take Amtrak to OSW

Getting to the hotel is somewhat complicated by the number of ways you can come into the San Francisco Bay Area by train.

You can come in from the north on the Coast Starlight. You can come in from the east on the California Zephyr. You can come in from Los Angeles on the Coast Starlight; perhaps continuing on from another train that terminated in Los Angeles.

Things are further complicated by train arrival schedules. You should be prepared to alter your plans if your train is late. Be sure to bring with you schedules for connecting trains such the Capitol Corridor and VTA Light Rail so that you can adjust to an adverse arrival time.


From the Southbound Starlight or

Westbound California Zephyr

What you want to do is get to the Amtrak Great America station in Santa Clara, station code GAC, which is about 3/4 mile from the Hyatt Regency.

At this time the Coast Starlight does not stop at the Great America station. Trains known as the Capitol Corridor trains do stop there, so you will need to transfer to a Capitol Corridor train. This can be done as early as Sacramento, or at Emeryville.

The California Zephyr terminates at Emeryville (Oakland). You will want to catch a Capitol Corridor train there.

To get a better idea of the Great America station's location relative to the Hyatt Regency, go to Amtrak. Then click on Stations in the bar near the top of the page. At the next page, enter GAC into the station code box and click go. On the next page there will be a Where2get>it box. Click View Street Map. In the lower left corner (you may have to use the zoom slider on the upper left to modify your view) you will see the intersection of Tasman Drive and Great America Parkway. The Hyatt Regency is on the upper right of this intersection in the light-colored area between the yellow street lines and the green area.

You are about 3/4 mile from the Hyatt Regency. Your choices from this point are to walk if the weather and the weight of your luggage work for you, or to call the hotel and have them send a cab to pick you up (the hotel does not have a shuttle); the hotel's switchboard number is 1-408-200-1234.

From the Northbound Starlight

This train does not stop at the Great America station. Your best bet is to terminate your ticket at San Jose. From there you can board a Northbound Capital Corridor train and exit at the next station Great America (GAC). Alternatively, you can get on a shuttle to the Light Rail Line. The Amtrak staff in the station should be able to provide directions for this. The Light Rail in the area of the Hyatt Regency runs down Tasman (see From the Southbound Starlight above for directions on how to view a map of the area). Get off the Light Rail train at the stop named Great America Parkway; the Hyatt Regency will be to your right as you face the direction in which the train was traveling. For more information on VTA including maps and a VTA trip planning tool, please visit VTA Light Rail info.

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