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The 2018 Hall of Fame inductees are:
Ted Schnepf
Scott Mann
Norm Buckhart

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Welcome to the O Scale Kings

We are here to promote O scale, 2-rail model railroading and provide a list of resources for the O Scale modeler. Briefly, O Scale is the modeling of trains, structures, and people at the scale of one-quarter inch equals one foot (1/4″= 1′). This scale can also be expressed using a ratio of 1:48.

In comparing this scale to others the following are rough relationships:

Model Sizes

Note: Proto 48 represents a group of modelers that model with the correct track width. Instead of 1.25" between the rails, it is closer to 1.177" between the rail. Click here for more information.




We realize that there are many niches within the 2-rail community. It is not our intent to promote one niche over the other but rather to help you find the one where you receive the most enjoyment and satisfaction. We are here to answer questions, discuss modeling issues and techniques and to organize the 2-rail community to help you find those resources and materials needed to reach your objectives.

This site is a “work in progress.” It contains links to O scale resources, manufacturers, events, conventions, meets, shows, etc.. Keeping these links up to date requires the help and effort of every O scaler. So, please send updated info to Jim Allen.

This site will help you find other O scale modelers in your area. Membership in the O Scale Kings is open to anyone. Dues are currently $10 per year. Send a check or money order (DO NOT SEND CASH!) to:

O Scale Kings
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You can also contact George Wallace via his phone at:

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